Delwood Roofing has extensive experience in all types of sloped roof systems. We can help you determine which system is the best fit for your budget and criteria. Contact us today or learn more by clicking on the links below:

  • Fiberglass Laminate Shingles
  • Metal Panel Systems


Make sure the contractor who repairs or installs your skylight has the knowledge and experience of the type of roofing system that the skylight unit is cutting into and can ensure that the work will be watertight. More often than not it’s the roof that will leak, not the skylight.

  • Custom fabricated skylight
  • Sun Tunnels
  • Roof Hatches

Leak Investigation

With extensive experience with roof systems of all types, we are equipped to help you both determine the cause of the leak and implement a remediation plan that you can be confident will solve the problem. We can help with all manner of leak investigation, not only for your roof but also:

  • Masonry & Chimneys
  • Condensation & Ventilation
  • Roof Management and Condition Reports
  • Skylight & Installations